Castle Creations Sidewinder SW4 Waterproof 1/10 ESC for RC 010-0164-00 Castle Creations

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The Castle Sidewinder SV4 12.6V Waterproof 1/10 ESC builds upon Castle’s most popular platform, the Sidewinder 1/10 series. The ESC is the first of its kind to run Castle’s CRYO-DRIVE technology that combines technology from cutting-edge hardware and software advancements to increase thermal performance. Cooler temps mean longer runs and more power! The Sidewinder 4 is a versatile ESC and is a great choice for short course, on road and monster truck applications when paired with the correct motor, as well as rock crawlers when used in brushed mode.


  • 2s - 3s LiPo; 6 - 8 cell NiMH use in vehicles up 6.5lbs with battery, ready-to-run
  • Sensorless brushless and/or brushed motor operation
  • Waterproof design ESC and splash resistant 30mm fan*
  • 5.0 volts fixed, 2 amps Peak BEC
  • Audible alerts for error conditions
  • Enhanced drag brake functionality
  • Smoother sensorless startups
  • Convenient transmitter programming for six common adjustable settings
  • Additional settings and software updates available via Windows®-based Castle Link software and USB adapter (sold separately) or via Field Link Card (sold separately)
  • Telemetry Link compatible for Futaba® S.BUS2 (sold separately)


Input Voltage Range: 2s - 3s LiPo; 6 - 8 cell NiMH

BEC Specifications: 5.0 volts fixed, 2 amps.

Operating Environment: Waterproof* design allows for use in nearly any environment

Brake: Proportional

Reversible: Yes, but may be disabled for racing.

On/Off Switch: Yes

Cooling Fan: 30mm fan included

ESC Size: 2.08x1.50x1.28" (52.92x38.05x32.56mm)

ESC Weight (w/wires): 2.26 oz. (64 g)

Connectors: 4mm female bullets for motor connection.

Items Needed for Operation: Brushless or Brushed motor, Battery Connector required; Castle 4mm polarized connectors, Dean's Ultra Plug, or Traxxas Power Connector recommended.

Application Guidelines: The Sidewinder 4 is a versatile ESC that can be used in a wide variety of applications. it can be paired with any 14xx series 4-pole brushless motors; it can also be used in a rock crawling application with a brushed motor down to a 19 turn.

Max. Recommended Vehicle Weight: No more than 6.5lbs with battery, ready-to-run.

Programmability: Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software.

Telemetry Link Capable: Yes

  • 500 ر.س 379.14 ر.س
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