Team Associated 550-SL4 Sensorless 4-Pole Brushless Motor (3500kV) For RC ASC906 Team Associated

400 ر.س 249 ر.س

The Reedy 550-SL4 Sensorless 4-Pole Brushless Motor is the perfect upgrade for your 1:10 4WD RTR! Due to its sensorless 4-pole configuration, the 550-SL4 operates powerfully, efficiently, and reliably in a variety of vehicles and applications.

The 3500kV rating provides plenty of speed with 2S LiPo batteries. But install a 3S LiPo battery for insane speeds that are barely controllable! A high-strength rotor provides plenty of torque and resists overheating better than 2-pole alternatives.

Flexible silicone wires ease wire routing in tight spaces and work in conjunction with 3.5mm bullet connectors to reduce power-robbing resistance and heat. Triple insulated windings, a hardened 5mm steel shaft, and oversized ball bearings enhance reliability to keep you out of the pits and on the track.


Powerful 4-pole Sensorless design

Oversized precision ball bearings

High-strength rotor

Hardened steel shaft

Triple insulated windings

Flexible silicone wires

Low-resistance connectors


Cells: 2-3 LiPo, 4-9 NiMH

kV rating: 3500

Applications: 1:10 4WD buggy, truck, SC

Dimensions: 52mm x 36mm

Shaft Diameter: 5.0mm

Weight: 222g

Power Wires: 12-gauge silicone

Connectors: 3.5mm

  • 400 ر.س 249 ر.س

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