Ferrari F12 TDF Silver with Blue Line 1:18 Limited 30pcs BBR P18121RON BBR

3,220 ر.س 2,199.85 ر.س

فيراري اف12 تي دي اف فضي مع كحلي بي بي ار انتاج خاص ومحدود 30 نسخة في العالم P18121RON

this is a very special model: a tailor made for an American customer.

Interiors: customised seat: Daytona type, matt blue carbon fiber,

BBR as used a special paint to create the alcantara in all the parts.

The outside carbon fiber is blue, Ferrari emblems is bigger than usual, chrome exhaust pipes,

A very masterpiece.

  • 3,220 ر.س 2,199.85 ر.س
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