Gens Ace 3S Soft Case 100C LiPo Battery (11.1V/6000mAh) w/EC5 Connector for RC GA-B1138 Gens Ace

632.50 ر.س 458.85 ر.س

Gens Ace batteries have been proven within the Radio Control community to deliver reliable and consistent performance for all modelers alike. All Gens Ace batteries offer superior cell matching at the factory, and are extremely consistent in selecting matched cells after each and every batch produced. Additionally, low internal resistance (IR), offers modelers stable voltage output through the whole duration of the battery. 


Voltage: 11.1 

Discharge Rate: 10C  

Cell Count: 3S  

Capacity: 6000mAh  

Dimensions: 29x45x146

Weight: 443g   

Plugs: EC5

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  • 632.50 ر.س 458.85 ر.س
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