RPM Traxxas 4x4 Caster & Spindle Block Set (Black) for RC RPM73592 RPM

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120 SAR 99 SAR

This is an optional RPM Traxxas 4x4 Caster & Spindle Block Set. Since the release of the first Slash 4x4, RPM customers have been asking for stronger front end components that could handle the punishment Traxxas 4wd trucks can dish out. RPM answers the call with these Caster & Steering Blocks for these awesome Traxxas trucks. Starting with a blank slate, drew in the necessary design elements and developed a design with a focus on punishment survivability. The core design of these caster blocks revolve around the lower-case “H” structure which provides extreme rigidity to keep camber and caster setting locked in place while running normally, manufactured from materials that provide serious impact absorption characteristics to prevent breakage when those “oops” moments inevitably arise.

RPM Slash 4x4 / Stampede 4x4 front-end components are made from RPM's trademark blend of indestructible materials and come factory backed by their limited lifetime warranty for strength and durability you know you can trust! RPM steering blocks have also been engineered for durability, strength, rigidity and crash-survivability. More material surrounds the kingpin posts while smoother flowing turnbuckle arms provide a consistent feel and great performance from the steering system.

  • 120 SAR 99 SAR

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