RPM ARRMA Kraton/Durango DEX8T Rear Skid Plate RPM81442 for RC RPM

69 SAR 45 SAR

One of the highest dollar replacement items on any vehicle is the chassis, especially when that chassis is a 3 – 4mm thick aluminum plate. On ARRMA and Durango 1:8 and 1:10 scale vehicles, there’s absolutely no protection for the underside of the chassis. Rocks, roots, asphalt, etc, can all create nasty scabs, scrapes and dents that will eventually lead to the need for a replacement.

Help reduce skid and scrape damage by installing an RPM Rear Skid Plate to your favorite ride. The areas most prone to damage are at the extreme ends of the chassis and the RPM Rear Skid Plate protects the back end of the chassis plate with 4mm of RPM engineering grade nylons that are not only extremely tough and durable, it also slides up and over obstacles much easier than aluminum. The leading edge of our skid plate has been rolled to a thin edge to reduce the likelihood of it catching while the rear is a full 4mm thick for a long-lasting skid plate built to handle some serious punishment!

Notes: The RPM Rear Skid Plate for ARRMA & Durango 1:8 & 1:10 scale vehicles is designed to fit any ARRMA vehicle running stock gearbox case set ARA310427 and any Durango vehicle running stock gearbox case set #TDR210046.


  • ARRMA Kraton, Talion, Typhon & Senton
  • Durango DEX8, DEX8T, DNX8 & DESC10
  • ARRMA vehicle running stock gearbox case set #ARA310427
  • Durango vehicle running stock gearbox case set #TDR210046

  • 69 SAR 45 SAR

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